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Thanks to years of experience dedicated to the fashion industry, we have carried out this project which has been incubating in our heads for a long time. A leather accessories brand with an international focus and aimed to the consumer.

We focus on the functional needs of people, creating timeless high quality accessories with sustainable and responsible manufacturing. We use noble materials, mainly vegetable tanned leather and lining made from recycled plastic bottles.

Our leather accessories are made in Ubrique, a little town surrounded by mountains in the province of Cádiz – Spain. Ubrique is wellknown for its leather craftwork. We combine tradition and new techniques to bring these products to the real world.

Why 16U40?
According to the records, 1640 was the year of the foundation of the first industrial workshop in Ubrique. We decided to have this year as part of our name. “U” stands for “YOU” and the idea that our designs are addressed to REAL people like YOU. The small “tilde” into the “U” makes reference to the Spanish roots of the brand as this symbol is also present in Spanish letter “Ñ”.



We only use leathers animal that come from the food industry and only from certificate tanneries. Traceability is a must-have condition

RPET lining, under the Global Recycled Standard Certification (made from recycled plastic bottles) in the interior of our pieces.


Our packaging boxes made of recycled cardboard and the fabric of our dust bags are 100% organic cotton.